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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Down tools and go for a walk.

Hello. After working on all three of my crafty projects this morning, then going outside and trimming the front hedge, I decided it was time for me to stop work and go for a walk in the countryside. Actually, I live in the countryside, it's on my doorstep, so I don't have far to go before I am leaving the houses behind. A walk to the park, then around the park, then back, is five miles. 
I set off along the path which passes the Bowls Club, then the Burial Ground, then the Allotments. It was about 4.30pm, a beautiful sunny afternoon. 
The footpath got narrower and narrower. On the left is a wood. Years ago this was used by gangs of youths who congregated there and did a lot of damage. To get round that problem it was all chopped down, flattened. It was sad to see it, but as expected Mother Nature has claimed it back and it is now full of healthy trees.

After the wood it opens out into large fields on both sides of the path. Unfortunately the path then disappears under long grass and weeds and I had to walk along the field edge. This is the other end of it as it comes out on the road. Can you see the footpath sign on the right hand side. I had to walk a little way along the hedge till I found a spot where I could get through to the road.

The grass verges at the entrance to the park looked very pretty with the wild flowers. Glad they haven't cut them down.

Easy to walk footpaths through the park. Suitable for disabled and kids with scooters.

The duck pond looked a bit stagnant, needs some rain to liven it up.

They have recently installed a new Go Ape attraction. It didn't look very exciting when there were no leaves on the trees, but now it is all green it's looking better. There is a new children's playground opening soon.

It is now ten to nine and I must go and water my flower beds and pots. It is supposed to be raining soon, so the weather man says, but I'd best water up in case it doesn't.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Crafty works in progress

Hello. One job leads to another these days. Just as I think I have completed something another idea pops into my head and I have to act on it. I thought the tree was finished, it has leaves on, but there is still something missing. It needs some birds. So this is the prototype, made out of vinyl, but how can I get it to sit on a branch? Problem solved, although it is sitting sideways and not as a normal real life bird would sit across the branch. Never mind, my birds are acrobats ;o) That seems to work, now I've got to make some more. 
Progress report on this project. The heart is slowly filling up with fabric covered bottle tops. I keep adding a few each day. Looking good so far.

Oh gawd, now I have started something else. Carol and Janet are doing this at Crafty Club so I thought I would have a go. Daub some splodges of paint of a piece of hessian sack cloth, and do blocks of running stitch in random sizes, using up oddments of fabric and wool. This is going to take a while, and will eventually become a wall hanging.

It is ongoing outside, preparing for the Open Gardens. The flower beds are looking pretty full, but I suspect I have got too many plants in them now. I am going to have to sort them out a bit, maybe trimming back the bushy ones to let the smaller ones get some more light. The cat shelter still needs a door on it, will have to do that.

Yesterday I called in to see Angela for a coffee. She got a fabulous bargain from the £1 charity shop. A very large set of curtains in a lovely heavy gold fabric, for £1. She was dead lucky there, grabbed them just as they were put out in the shop. She is going to use them to cover a chaise longue.

Today I shall go to the mobile library to take books back, and say hello to Stan. I have not been for about three weeks.

I won't be leaving any more painted stones about the village, all four of them have now disappeared. Maybe some mean person has nicked them, I don't know, it's a mystery.

Now I must get on, thank you for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

David has a makeover

Hello and Good Morning. The sun has got his hat on, he's coming out today, the sun has got his hat on,  hip hip hip hip hooray. Poor David is looking a bit jaded, he's been standing there for a long long time in the corner of my garden. Methinks he needs a makeover, a bit of tarting up. Stand him on a small table so I don't have to bend down too far. Boy is he HEAVY. Careful not to do my back in. 
Looks lovely now. An all over coat of off white emulsion to cover up the dirt. He needs some clothes. I think a skinny t-shirt and a pair of skimpy trunks would show off his muscular bod. Have you seen the new craze of wearing nothing else apart from body paint, and walking down the street to test people's reaction? Looks like a lot of fun to me. I thought about sticking a lump of plaster on his doodaah to hide it, but then I thought, nah, let it all hang out. I might put a skirt on him for the Open Day, in case people are a bit delicate about such matters.

A look in the scrap jewelry box for some neck adornment.

What do you think of the makeup then? Don't think I would get a job in a beauty parlour. Believe it or not I used to do make up demonstrations for a well known cosmetics company. I was a bit crap at it, ha ha.

Thank you to the kind reader who sent me a pressie of a gift card for my birthday. I have put it to good use, I was about to run out of my favourite face cream. This is one of the cheaper ones, some of the Olay range are expensive, HOW MUCH. This is on offer at one of the discount stores, buy one get one free, so I got one of each, day and night cream. Now I am waiting for my wrinkles to disappear, yes and pigs might fly, ha ha.

Before I go, a quick reminder, we haven't many photos in from the Walking Group. To go into the prize draw for a goody bag they must be in my email box by 12 noon on the 31st of May Email address on the sidebar. Thank you.

Right, I'm off, work to do in the garden. Enjoy your Sunday, whatever you are doing. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Last pics from Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Hello. That was one humdinger of a wedding wasn't it, what a happy day for everyone. 
As promised I have a few more pics from my visit to the Sculpture Park on Wednesday. This is called Black and Blue : The Invisible Men and the Masque of Blackness. the artist is Zak Ove. There are 80 sculptures set out in straight rows, 10 x 8. Have a look at the YSP web site for more information, there is a short video. It finishes on the 3rd of June. 

If you have ever tried to untangle a ball of string take a look at this instillation by the artist Chiharu Shiota. Huge bales of string were brought in to make this. The Chapel is the perfect setting for it. The string had to be wound into smaller balls which were then thrown over wires suspended across the space high up, almost into the ceiling. It was then woven into a massive spiders web filling the whole room.

It was just fabulous. The video on the YSP web site tells of how it came about. Well worth a look.

Outside the Chapel is Ai Weiwei's Iron Tree. It's been here for a while., I've seen it before. Have a look at this page, lots of photo's from 2014.

Time for me to move on and leave the park and go for a little bimble. I headed off down a footpath and through a wood, and did a circular walk back to the car to finish the day off.

It was a lovely day out. I called in Tesco just after 7pm but they hadn't yet put the last yellow sticker on. I picked up a few items but didn't want to hang around, I wanted to get home.

It's been a lovely day today, sunny and hot, just right for a wedding. I have mowed the lawn, now I'm going out to do my walk. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip

Today's the day.

Hello. I'm finally getting excited about the wedding, watching it live on Sky. After all the drama of recent weeks, I hope it all goes well for the happy couple. I'll be back later. Toodle pip